March 19, 2024

Local Vines Go Global: Six Ways to Make Your Wine Event Stand Out in a Busy World

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The world of events is always changing. To remain relevant your regional wine event needs to change too. It’s important to try new things to make sure people stay interested and want to come back year after year. To make your event the best it can be, you need to find ways to show off the special things about your region’s wines. This is not about re-inventing the wheel. It’s about telling your stories in the most effective and efficient way. Using the right technology at the right time. To educate and inform your target audience.

When people know about your region and its wines, they are more likely to attend your events. Motivated by the possibility to try the wines for themselves. And of course meet the producers they’ve already started to learn about. This is good for local businesses, like hotels and restaurants. It’s also good for your producers because engaged wine lovers help spread the word. Becoming unofficial ambassadors for your region and its wines among friends and family.

 Sounds simple. But there’s a problem.

Traditional wine events often struggle with relevance and effectiveness due to various challenges. These include event saturation and limited timing windows during peak times. This can lead to low attendance. Set against a backdrop of rising costs, and logistical risks.

With Interpreting Wine’s guidance, wine regions can transform their events, ensuring they remain competitive and successful in an ever-evolving market. Our innovative strategies and tailored solutions empower wine regions to create memorable experiences that resonate with attendees and promote the unique qualities of their wines.

6 Ways to Stand Out at Your Next Event

We want to help you make your wine event stand out from others. That’s why we have a list of fresh and exciting ideas that will make your event more interesting and fun. When you use these ideas, your region and its wine producers will get more attention.

More people will want to visit your region. Wanting to see its sites for themselves and taste its wines. So, let’s dive into these ideas and create an unforgettable wine event for everyone to enjoy! 

1. Incorporate the power of storytelling into wine events: Leverage the Six Wine Stories Model to create a deeper connection between attendees and the featured regions. Don’t just talk about the technical qualities of the wines. Tell a bigger story. Showcase the unique narratives behind each wine, such as its people, culture and terroir. This narrative-driven approach engages attendees’ emotions and leaves a lasting impression.
2. Pre-Event Warm-Up: Email registered attendees with short and long-form audio content options to educate them on the region’s wines and event details. This generates excitement and ensures attendees arrive informed.
3. Multi-Channel Information: Make event information available across various formats to accommodate different attendees’ preferences and learning styles. This helps to avoid overwhelm as attendees know they can consume information both during and after the event. This benefits both on-site attendees and those who cannot attend.
4. Personalised Experience: Customise communications and event experiences to meet the needs and interests of different attendee segments. This tailored approach strengthens connections with attendees and makes the event more engaging. This might include preparing content in multiple languages if you are keen to attract an international crowd. Or tailoring information for different professional segments such as sommeliers or writers.
5. Educational Content: Develop informative materials that showcase the region’s wines, winemaking processes, and history. This educational content enriches attendees’ experiences and deepens their appreciation for the region’s offerings. An excellent option is the Producer Cheat Sheet. This includes short audio descriptions of each wine direct from the owner or local expert.
6. Scheduled Follow-Up: Plan post-event communications to maintain engagement and keep your region top-of-mind. Timely follow-up nurtures relationships and encourages future event attendance and support for the region’s wine industry. Repurpose the content that was previously produced.

Now that you’ve seen these exciting ideas, it’s time to use them to create an amazing wine event! Tell the world how great your region is and let them taste the delicious wines made by the talented producers.

Use our list of creative strategies to make your event special and different from others. This will help your event stand out and bring more attention to your region and its wines. Ensuring more people want to come and visit your region. And start generating interest for the next edition of your event.

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