April 18, 2023
Interpreting Wine Expands New York State Coverage With Series Focusing on Growers
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UK wine podcast Interpreting Wine has published a new series exploring New York Wines from a fresh perspective. The series of seven episodes switches focus from winemaking towards grape growing. Episodes feature 1:1 conversations with six principals from Finger Lakes wine companies. The series also features Sam Filler and Justin Jackson of the New York Wine and Grape Foundation, discussing the new Sustainable Winegrowing Vineyard Certification. See below for more information on this landmark series, including details of how to listen.

How can I listen?

Click the relevant button below to be taken to each episode on your favourite podcast player. If you haven’t already, please subscribe.
Complete episode listing
Ep #517 Sam Filler, Justin Jackson, NYWGF LISTEN HERE ​

Ep #518 Kelby Russell, Red Newt LISTEN HERE ​

Ep #519 Mike Colizzi, Kashong Glen Vineyards LISTEN HERE ​

Ep #520 Jason Hazlitt, Sawmill Creek Vineyards LISTEN HERE ​

Ep #521 Matthew Doyle, Doyle Vineyards LISTEN HERE ​

Ep #522 Oskar Bynke, Thijs Verschuuren, Hermann J Wiemer LISTEN HERE ​

Ep #523 Bruce Murray, Boundary Breaks LISTEN HERE ​

What can I expect to hear?

So much of the conversation at wine events and in trade publications is that good wine in made in the vineyard. Get closer to the source of your favourite New York wines by understanding the challenges and opportunities of grape growing in this exciting cool climate region. Including an overview of each guest’s journey into the business and an overview of growing sites, including grapes planted. Episodes also explore the opportunities presented by hybrids and vinifera, the working relationship between growers and winemakers, and an in-depth discussion of the impact of biodynamics in the region. 

Who is the series for?

Anyone with an interest in wine production. Especially if you are interested in New York State wines. The series will be particularly useful for professionals who work with wines from the region. Offering a depth of coverage rarely available in this format.

When will the series be broadcast?

Episodes were published in March and April 2023 and are available right now to listen on-demand on your favourite podcast platform.

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