January 4, 2023
Interpreting Wine Kicks off 2023 With Comprehensive New York Series
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Popular wine podcast Interpreting Wine is set to cover New York Wines in a new series. The episodes feature eight prominent New York winemakers in 1:1 conversation. Guests are drawn from the Finger Lakes and Long Island AVAs. See below for more information on the series and how to listen.

How can I listen?

Click the relevant button below to be taken to each episode on your favourite podcast player.
Complete episode listing

Ep #476 Osmote LISTEN HERE ​

Ep #477 Hosmer LISTEN HERE ​

Ep #478 Boundary Breaks LISTEN HERE ​

Ep #479 Red Newt LISTEN HERE ​

Ep #480 Wiemer LISTEN HERE ​

Ep #481 Element LISTEN HERE ​

Ep #482 Paumanok LISTEN HERE ​

Ep #483 Wolffer LISTEN HERE ​

What can I expect to hear?

Discover more about the people behind the wines, including their individual influences and journey into wine. Episodes also explore the vineyard sites where they source fruit, how they make wine and where it’s available internationally. 

When will the series be broadcast?

Episodes will be published daily at 9am EST from Monday 9 January 2023 to Monday 16 January 2023 inclusive.

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