Start selling more wine by telling your six wine stories.

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The 7-day Winemaker Podcast Challenge uses metrics from nearly 500 episodes of Interpreting Wine podcast. Increase opportunities for key influencers to buy and recommend your wines

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Podcasting is a long-format medium where you can go in-depth and explain the full story to the wine trade. Best of all it can be done from the comfort of your own winery or home.

Reach the United States and United Kingdom without getting on a plane.

Over 70% of Interpreting Wine’s audience is based in the US and UK. Imagine if trade professionals in both countries knew who you are and contact you rather than you chasing them

Reach the Key Opinion Leaders of tomorrow.

Interpreting Wine attracts an engaged audience of Master of Wine and WSET Diploma Students. Talk about your winery so it appeals to this ultra high-value segment.

What’s Covered

Why tell this story? We buy from people we know. Talk about the people at the heart of your winery and the audience will feel like they know you personally.

Why tell this story? We buy when we know the backstory. Get the audience fully invested in your story by sharing who and what made you who you are today
Why tell this story? We buy to be transported to another place Invite the audience to know your region intimately and can describe your winery as though they’ve been there
Why tell this story? We buy to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.
Share stories normally hidden hundreds of feet below the earth, from events that occurred millions of years ago.
Why tell this story? We buy when we trust the process. Invite people to virtually walk in your vineyards and touch each vine
Why tell this story? We buy when we can look in the kitchen
Don’t just tell people about the final wine. Take them on a detailed journey from grape to bottle

Benchmark your ability to make people care about your wines

Sell more wine by knowing what makes you different, telling your story and breaking through the noise.

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