I’m Lawrence Francis, Host of Interpreting Wine, welcoming you to the Carnuntum Winemaker Special Series. Produced in collaboration with Wine & Partners.  

Recorded in-person at the winery with respected local producers, who are themselves deeply rooted in the region.

Giving wine students and wine lovers alike access to the minds behind the wines. Literally the next best thing to visiting the region yourself. 

Previously in episode 541, focusing on a tasting of single vineyard wines from Carnuntum’s standout 2015 and 2019 vintages. 

Today in episode 542, focusing on Rubin Carnuntum and the work that continues to support the evolution and communication of zweigelt as a high quality red varietal. 

We close out the Carnuntum Winemaker series today in the company of Philipp Grassl, Karoline Taferner of Weinguts Philip Grassl and Taferner 

(00:00:08) Episode intro

(00:02:06) Karoline Taferner, Philipp Grassl Origin Story

(00:06:32) Regional geology

(00:09:28) Rubin Carnuntum brand development

(00:12:24) Quality wine development

(00:18:06) Regional collaboration

(00:23:03) Changing consumer perceptions and price signals

(00:30:42) Wines tasted:

  1. Weingut Taferner, Rubin Carnuntum 2021 (https://www.tafi.at/produktseite/rubin-carnuntum-2018)

  2. Weingut Glatzer, Zweigelt Ried Haidacker DAC Bio 2019 1ÖTW  (https://www.weingutglatzer.at/de/produkt/haidacker-zweigelt-2017-1oetw/)

  3. Weingut Artner, Ried Steinäcker Zweigelt 2020 (https://www.artner.co.at/wein/rotweine/ried-steinaecker-zweigelt.html)

  4. Philipp Grassl, Ried Schüttenberg 1ÖTW 2019 (https://www.grassl.wine/collections/shop/products/ried-schuttenberg-2018-1otw)

  5. Weingut Familie Pitnauer, Bienenfresser Göttlesbrunner Zweigelt Carnuntum DAC 2015 (https://www.pitnauer.com/shop/bienenfresser-2021-075/)

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Philipp Grassl, 

Karoline Taferner

ÖTW – Österreichische Traditionsweingüter – www.traditionsweingueter.at/home/

Rubin Carnuntum – www.carnuntum.com

2015 & 2019 Carnuntum matured – Masterclass @ VieVinum – https://wine-partners.at/en/events/carnuntum-masterclass-vievinum-en

Date recorded: 14 Jan 2024


Email: hello@interpretingwine.com

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