I’m Lawrence Francis, Host of Interpreting Wine the place to learn from thought leaders in the world of wine and marketing, welcoming you to the Wine Communication Series series.

Across these 6 episodes I’ll be exploring Wine Communication Series in the company some of my favourite wine podcasters, traveling virtually from Australia and New Zealand to North America. If you’ve ever wanted to understand the opportunity that podcasting offers this is the series for you.

We continue the series in the company of Emilie Steckenborn, host and founder of Bottled in China podcast. 

Émilie Steckenborn has lived in Shanghai, China for a decade working with top-tier wine businesses in Asia creating their beverage programs. 

Throughout her career, Emilie and her team have trained hundreds of thousands of wine enthusiasts through nationwide trainings for government trade organizations, hotel groups, beverage brands and multinational distributors. 

She founded the podcast in 2016, to share the stories and adventures of passionate individuals in the F&B scene who are shaking things up in Asia. Listed as one of the best podcasts on China, it has recently expanded to include a global trend perspective, hosting conversations with F&B thought leaders and business leaders around the world. 

Origin Story

Roles during the first 10 years in China

Bottled in China podcast

Who’s listening?

Air Canada collaboration

Looking back on 100 episodes

Three key China wine regions: Shandong, Ningxia, Yunnan

Future for Chinese wine and the podcast

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The New Investors
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Guest: Emilie Steckenborn, Bottled in China

GUEST CONTACT: Emilie Steckenborn


Date recorded: 9 Nov 2021

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