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Across these 6 episodes I’ll be exploring Modern Wine Communication and marketing in the company of some of the world’s leading wine podcasters, traveling virtually from Australia and New Zealand to North America via China. With the influence of podcasting and social audio forecast to grow yet again in 2022, get ahead of the curve with this special series, to be released every fortnight between January and March 2022. If you haven’t already subscribed wherever you’re listening then sign up today so you don’t miss an episode.

We kick things off today in the company of Darren Oemcke and Simon West of Aussie Wine Chats podcast. 


Simon West Origin Story

Darren Oemcke Origin Story

Adelaide orientation

Market changes since COVID

Direct to consumer (DTC) 

Marketing best practices

Reaching the trade

Aussie Wine podcast deep dive

Education Programmes- exporting and wine tech startups

Future marketing plans for winemakers

7-11-4 and long format marketing

Riverland wine

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Intro and outro music
The New Investors
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Guests: Darren Oemcke, Simon West, Aussie Wine Chat



Date recorded: 29 Oct 2021

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