Responsible for winery marketing, either as the owner or marketing person

Struggling to get the wine trade to care about your wines

Failing to stand out and create meaningful engagement in social media channels

Losing faith with wine fairs, press articles and influencer marketing

Concerned about how COVID19 will affect live events in 2021

Wish you could bring your story directly to your target audience without leaving home


While “made-to-order” podcast series carry my most premium pricing, I have developed an exclusive offer for wineries wanting to access the Interpreting Wine audience in 2021
Next year, the channel will feature a limited number of  series covering different regions and wine styles, and you can take part. Each series will cover a region or style the Interpreting Wine audience is already familiar with.

Here’s how it works:
Identify the series you want to participate in
Upon payment, you will receive a set of preparation materials
Podcasts recorded remotely in-line with agreed production schedule
Episodes edited, released and promoted as part of the chosen series

2021 Discovery Series Schedule. Click series title for more info.

April 2021 Willamette Valley Discovery

May 2021 Wagram Discovery

June 2021 Sherry Discovery


How many episodes are there in each series?

To deliver the best listening experience, each series in 2021 will be capped at 10 episodes. This allows episodes to be released sequentially, Monday to Friday across two weeks. This is the optimal release schedule for listener engagement.

How do we record remotely?

We will record your episode remotely using a dedicated call software that ensures the highest quality possible. It’s the next best thing to sitting together at the winery.

What happens afterwards?

The preparation documents include step by step instructions on how to share and promote your episode to maximise your investment. I will send you a dedicated monthly listening report for the first three months following publication. 

I want to participate but my region isn't mentioned

No problem. I am open to covering other regions and styles. Please send me an email or complete a short form here

English is not my first language. Does it matter?

It absolutely doesn’t matter. I have worked with many winemakers who spoke English as a second or third language. 

That being said, a good level of English is required and it may be that someone close to the wine-maker is better suited to speak on their behalf. 

What is a podcast?

Podcasts are the modern version of the radio; available on demand and wherever listeners are. Podcasts can be accessed with nothing more than a mobile phone and are typically listened to when cooking, exercising or working. The ease of access has seen an explosion in podcast listening in recent years. In English speaking markets, podcasts are especially popular in Ireland, United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

The most popular platforms to discover and listen to podcasts are Spotify and Apple Podcasts. 

What is Interpreting Wine's audience?

Listeners include influential restaurateurs, chefs, bartenders, sommeliers, front of house, sales teams, importers and drinks writers, mainly drawn from the hospitality industry.

How do podcasts compare to print?

Podcasts enjoys several advantages over print publications:

  • Listeners receive episodes instantly on their preferred device and numbers can be tracked by location.
  • Episodes can last upwards of 30 minutes, giving more value to the listener.
  • Podcasting is an intimate format that listeners really engage with.
  • A high quality series can be recorded, edited and broadcast speedily.

How do podcasts compare to tastings?

Advantages of podcast series over trade tastings:

  • Infinitely scalable and can be shared hundreds, even thousands of times without an additional time or product cost.
  • Recordings can  be repurposed for offline training and presentations, and as source material for social media posts, tasting notes and sales presentations.



What are they saying?

“The week after the podcasts were launched every class I walked into there was somebody who wanted to discuss them and we have had direct bookings from the podcasts themselves. Our experience was quick, efficient and purposeful. We plan to do many more podcasts in the future.” 

Jim Gore, Global Wine Academy

“Lawrence made the whole process really straightforward and during the (remote) recording sessions he managed to tease great stories out of the guests. We’ve had great feedback and listener figures too which has made the whole process feel very worthwhile.”

Rebecca Fraser, Louis Latour Agencies

“This series allows people who were not able to attend our tasting the opportunity to hear directly from the winemakers and learn from the regional masterclasses. We hope it brings a flavour of New Zealand to them.” 

Chris Stroud, New Zealand Winegrowers

“A great listen for all WSET diploma students on exam technique and tasting around Rosé wine.
These Interpreting Wine Podcasts are enjoyable and educational.”

Kirsten Macleod, WSET Diploma Student


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Unlock the stories that will make you more memorable to the wine trade.

Embrace a medium that cannot be "locked down".

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Discover how audio can help your business achieve its goals

Unlock the stories that will make you more memorable to the wine trade

Embrace a medium that cannot be "locked down"

Work with the world's foremost wine podcast producer 

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