Interpreting Wine podcast, with a catalog of episodes dating back to September 2017 and a range of guests that includes Masters of Wine, Master Sommeliers, Winemakers and restaurateurs, is one of the most comprehensive wine audio resources anywhere, popular with wine students, professionals, as well as general enthusiasts.

One of the reasons why I produced so many episodes of Interpreting Wine in 2018 (220 in that year alone) was that I foresaw the coming wave of interest in wine podcasts and I wanted to get a headstart on the inevitable increased competition. True enough, this year alone has seen popular wine podcasts launch from the likes of Susie Barrie MW and Peter Richards MW (Wine Blast) and The Three Drinkers (Bring A Bottle podcast). More are sure to follow. 

The increased availability of wine podcasts forms part of a wider growth in the medium. Podcasts have been growing in popularity steadily over the last few years and as of April 2020 there are now more than 1,000,000 podcasts available to listen to on iTunes.

If you’re new to Interpreting Wine you might be wondering where to start. 

Having just published my 400th episode, I thought it was the perfect time to share my most popular episodes of all time.

So here are the three most listened to podcasts on Interpreting Wine, listed from 3 to 1:

3rd: Episode 110: Winemaker Panel

Primarily a discussion and tasting lead by Abe Schoener (The Scholium Project) and Niklas Peltzer (Meinklang) this episode lets you be a fly on the wall as they discuss the art of winemaking. If you’ve ever wondered what producers talk about over the barrels in their cellars this is the episode for you. An invited wine trade audience contributes questions and discussion points throughout. Listen now.

2nd: Episode 40: Michael Sager

Imagine getting inside the head of one of the leading restauranteurs in the country for 50 minutes. This episode delivers real insight into what drives his pursuit of excellence, touching on his early days in wine and formative experiences in California before focusing on London. This wide ranging stream of consciousness is his love letter to the hospitality industry. Still the only episode on Interpreting Wine that went to air without a single edit. Including the moment his obvious passion knocked the microphone sideways. A must hear! Listen now

1st. Episode 353: Jim Gore Dip WSET. The Science of Taste

Jim is the Former principal of the WSET London School, who established the Global Wine Academy to help students perform better in the tasting component of the WSET Level 4 exams. Here, Jim unpicks the Art of Blind Tasting, offering insight into our tasting hardware and sharing numerous tips and techniques on how to blind taste better under exam conditions. The popularity of this episode, especially in the lead up to the January 2020 WSET Level 4 exams, shows that blind tasting is still one of the most challenging aspects for wine students. Listen now

What do you think? Do you have a favourite episode that wasn’t included? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.