Ep 5: ‘Behind the Bodega Door’ | Cava Guilera | D.O Penedes

Show notes:

(00:27) Overview: Cava. More than a sparkling beverage and how a small bodega is adapting to change.

(01:00) The region: Why (most) white grapes love the region

(02:00) The bodega: How Pere’s grandmother changed the family’s story and the bodega’s USP

(04:20) What’s happening in the market: Who drinks their cava overseas

(04:50) Marketing: Making Penedes a household name

(06:10) Enotourism: Slow cava, slow visits (chill out between the vines)

(07:43) Tasting notes: Guilera Agosarat Brut Nature Gran Reserva 2005 and Guilera Musivari Brut Nature Gran Reserva 2007

(10:35) How the grapes are grown: An early hand harvest 30s from the bodega

(11:10) Processing: Cava. A local success story

(11:35) Ageing: Pre-financial crisis cava!

(12:40) Question of the day: What’s your favourite cava food pairing?


Place (and other) names:

Bodega location: Lavern Subirats

Grape names: Xarel.lo, Macabeo, Parellada


For more, visit:






YOUTUBE: Canal Cava Guilera​


To buy the wine:

Contact: martaguilera@cavaguilera.com


Bodega: Cava Guilera

Location: Lavern Subirats

Hosts: Pere and Marta Guilera

Date visited: 13 September 2017


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