Wendy Outhwaite continues coverage of an amazing wine tasting at Lady of the Grapes organised jointly with Corney & Barrow Wine Merchants for a celebration of women in the wine industry. She talks experimentation and we learn why she thinks English wine production  is so exciting at the moment. Before leading a tasting of three of her wines. All available in the UK with Corney and Barrow via the links below.

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Episode outline:

Origin Story

Wines tasted:

– Ambriel Brut Cuvee Classic, NV (https://www.corneyandbarrow.com/ambriel-classic-cuvee-brut-traditional-method-nv-100063900nvbt06-1.html) £28.95 per bottle

– Ambriel Blanc de Blancs brut 2010 (https://www.corneyandbarrow.com/ambriel-english-reserve-single-vineyard-demi-sec-traditional-method-2010-10159642010bt06-1.html) £32.95 per bottle

– Ambriel Rose 2013 (https://www.corneyandbarrow.com/ambriel-rose-extra-dry-traditional-method-2013-10159612013bt06-1.html) £26.95 per bottle

Website: https://www.corneyandbarrow.com/



Intro and outro music
The New Investors
Contact: glenn@velournet.dk

Event overview: Rebecca Palmer, Wine Buyer and Associate Director for Corney & Barrow, was joined by winemakers Wendy Outhwaite (Ambriel Winery, Sussex) and Vivien Ujvári (Barta Winery, Hungary) to share their stories and journeys of working in the wine industry.

Guest: Wendy Outhwaite (Ambriel Winery, Sussex)

Date recorded: 5 March 2019

Location: Lady of the Grapes, 16 Maiden Ln, Covent Garden, London WC2E 7NJ





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