Ep 4: ‘Behind the Bodega Door’ | Bodegas Nekeas | D.O Navarra

Show notes:

(0:30) Introduction: Natural diversification by knowing the land and its grapes

(0:58) The region: Navarra, a Spain in miniature.

(1:40) The bodega: A secluded bodega with lots going on

(2:02) The 8 families of Añorbe

(2:48) Marketing: Staying close to the market

(3:20) Enotourism offering: An equally diverse visitor base to complement Pamplona tourism

(4:23) Marketing: The reason the bodega focuses on exporting

(5:30) Tasting notes: An approachable Chardonnay

(5:58) How the grapes are grown: Lab checks and in field knowledge

(6:35) Processing: Why the bodega relies upon long maceration

(7:47) Ageing: 1,000 sleeping barrels

(8:12) Question of the day: What do you think of Rioja’s dominance of the domestic Spanish wine market and what can other bodegas do to differentiate themselves?


Place (and other) names mentioned:

Bardenas Reales de Navarra (Navarran desert where Game of Thrones was filmed)



For more, visit:





To buy the wine:

In addition to Spain, Nekeas wines can be found in France, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, Holland, Ireland, Switzerland, Russia, Poland, the United States, Canada, Peru, China, Japan, Taiwan.


Meet the bodega:

Bodegas Nekeas attends the Prowein fairs in Germany and China. In addition, they participate in events in the United States, Canada and Europe with the D.O Navarra.


Bodega: Nekeas

Location: Añorbe, Navarra

Hosts: Virginia Irisarri (Responsible for Enotourism) and the President Francisco (Paco) San Martín

Date visited: 29 September 2017

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