Ep 8: ‘Behind the Bodega Door’ | Cava Torelló | D.O Penedès

Show notes:
(00:50) Cava is not the new ‘kid on the block’.
(01:16) The region: the D.O Cava is bigger than you think! An intro to the D.O Penedes.
(03:42) Torello: A family dynasty dating back to 1395. How cava is made! In case you want to try for yourself.
(06:49) Marketing: A high end cava, 90% of which never leaves Spain. In Cataluña you don’t need a special reason to drink cava!
(08:40) Enotourism: Bringing the public closer to the world of cava
(09:26) Tasting notes: We tried two cavas: Torelló Brut Special Edition Reserva. Torelló Finca Can Martí Gran Reserva.
(11:59) Elaboration: The grapes are pampered from field to bottle. The welcome appearance of wild yeast.
(13:34) The magic happens in the bottle (Large and Small)
(14:56) Question of the day: What can cava producers do to encourage you to think of cava as an everyday wine and not just for special occasions?

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To buy the wine:

At the time of recording Cava Torelló was available in the following 16 countries: Andorra, Canada, Denmark, France, Belgium, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Mexico, Japan, Malaysia, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, The Netherlands, U.K, U.S.A (New York and New Jersey)
For overseas sales contact: roso@torello.es

Meet the bodega:

Recent events:
Cavatast en Sant Sadurní d’Anoia. http://www.turismesantsadurni.com/cavatast.php
Charity Open Door event at Cavas Torelló (12 October 2017)
Check social media for future events.

Bodega: Cava Torelló
Location: Sant Sadurní d’Anoia
Host: Rosó Gabarró (Export Manager)
Date visited:12 September 2017

Ep 7: ‘Behind the Bodega Door’ | Daniel Ramos | D.O Cebreros

Show notes:

(00:36) Why I started the ‘Interpreting Wine’ podcast and an introduction to Daniel Ramos
(02:02) Welcome to the Sierra de Gredos and the D.O Cerberos
(04:50) What a bodega! The history of wine drinking in El Tiemblo.
(06:30) Daniel’s strong links with Spain and Australia
(08:07) How Spanish wine is bought and drunk in New York (and Spain)
(09:49) Enotourism: Bringing the Hunter and Napa valley to Gredos.
(10:57) Two ranges of wines: Zerberos and Kpi
(11:33) Tasting notes: 2017 Sauvignon Blanc, 2017 Albillo Real, 2015 Rose kPi, Zerberos 2017, 2016 (North facing) 2017, 2016, (South facing slopes), Unnamed 17% wine
(19:30) Hand-harvested garnacha grown on North and South facing slopes
(20:40) Fermented fruit thoughtfully aged on a small scale
(21:28) Question of the day: What experiences do you look for when visiting a wine producer?

Place (and other) names mentioned:
Name of new wine region: D.O Cebreros
Range of wines: Finca Zerberos and Kpi
Region: Sierra De Gredos

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To buy the wine:
On sale at Enoteca Barolo in Madrid and Chamber Street Wines in New York (among others). Contact Daniel to find out where to buy his wine in your location, dvrcru@gmail.com

Meet the bodega:
Daniel will be attending the following wine shows:
Enofusión 2018, Madrid: 22 – 24 January 2018 (www.enofusion.com)
Raw Wine London: 11 – 12 March 2018 (www.rawwine.com)
Alimentaria 2018, Barcelona: 16 – 19 April 2018 (www.alimentaria-bcn.com)

Bodega: Finca Zerberos
Location: El Tiemblo, Avila
Host: Daniel Ramos
Date visited: 6th October 2017

Ep 6: ‘Behind the Bodega Door’ | Casa Pardet | D.O Costers del Segre

Show notes:

(00:18) Introducing the Cataluñan natural wine producer series
(01:40) The impact of the regional natural wine scene
(02:40) The D.O Costers del Segre (briefly)
(03:08) Why Casa Pardet do what they do
(05:00) Defining natural wine (Pep style)
(05:45) Why Casa Pardet exports more than 90% of their wine
(06:45) Tasting notes: Vermouth (made with 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon/Trepat), Cabaret Sauvignon 2015, Cabaret Sauvignon 2014, Cabaret Sauvignon 2014 (oxidised style)
(10:31) Blind tasting biodynamic vineyards
(11:43) A surprise introduction to the ancestral method
(15:49) Question of the day: What makes Casa Pardet and other Spanish natural wines unique?

For more information and details of where to buy:

Telephone: +34 973 347 023 (Spain)

Meet the bodega:

At the time of recording, Casa Pardet were still finalising their attendance at upcoming trade shows. Keep an eye on their social media for future updates.

Bodega: Casa Pardet
Location: Verdú, Lleida
Host: Josep Vilamajó
Date visited: 25th October 2017